The Homoeopathic Health Clinic  was founded by Dr. Jyotsna Tandon, BHMS-NIH Kolkatta. in the year 1999.

We at the Homoeopathic Health Clinic work extensive hours. Daily we see an average of 5 to 6 new chronic cases and more than 30 new acute cases along with follow ups, online and home visits.

At HOMOEOPATHIC HEALTH CLINIC the doctor-patient relationship lies at the heart of health care, and patient trust is a fundamental aspect of that relationship.


I am having an experience of 22 years in my own practice and serving for corporate and factories as a resident doctor. I passed out Bachelor in Homoeopathic Medicine Science in the year 1999 from National Institute of Homoeopathy, Kolkata. I can offer you an alternative medication which boasts of tremendous powers as a system of medicine. It renders absolutely harmless yet very powerful treatment. It can offer’s results which can change the life of patients. Especially in case of chronic, long standing and recurring diseases it can enhance body’s immune mechanism is such as way that the body no more reacts in abnormal way.
As a homoeopathic doctor, I gained substantial experience in curing chronic ailments like child related diseases like delayed milestone, constipation, ADHD and lifestyle related diseases like backache, cervical spondylitis, anxiety or depression, diabetes, Migraine, ulcerative colitis, acidity etc.
I consistently analyzed the health issues amongst the employees and implemented significant health initiatives. These experiences honed my ability to counsel and cure patients quicker and effectively, and as a result, I was recognized as a resident doctor for top performing multinationals like Siemens, Atos, Purolator to name few.
I sincerely thank my Guru Dr. Sunirmal Sarkar and Dr. Soumendu Adhikary for mentoring to be a good human being first and then good homoeopath.


The trust founded in the year 2009 by Dr. Jyotsna Tandon focusing on to change lives of underprivileged group through health care and education in Gurugram. The trust operates on a Non Profit basis. The Trust believes that family planning has a theme “Two children as each couple dream” and target of “zero population growth.”

One of the objectives of the trust also is top carry on community development programs, activities and also to open and run old age homes, health care centers, charitable dispensary, hospitals, libraries and other training and research institutes.


Since 2010, we are organizing once a week free clinic dedicated to underprivileged women across ages. During these free clinic we are engaged with them thru 1:1 counselling sessions addressing their health, mental and family concerns. We encourage them to be independent by coaching them on acquiring certain skills useful to earn livelihood.


What is homoeopathy?

a system of complementary medicine in which ailments are treated by minute doses of natural substances that in larger amounts would produce symptoms of the ailment.

Who is the father of Homoeopathy?

It was founded by Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), who grew up in Meissen in Germany, received his medical degree in Erlangen in 1779, and died a millionaire in Paris in 1843. During his first fifteen years as a physician Hahnemann struggled desperately to make a living.

What is a constitutional remedy in homoeopathy?

Constitutional homoeopathy refers to the treatment of a person as a whole, including past and present symptoms. When accurately implemented, homoeopathic constitutional care can elicit a profound healing response.

How long does it take for homeopathic medicine to work?

The effect of a homoeopathic medicine may be rapid (minutes to hours), or 1 or more days may be needed for its full effect. The time required for symptom relief is nonuniform because the medicines do not create the response—rather, the medicines stimulate the body’s own secondary healing response.

Do homeopathic medicines expire?

In India, all homoeopathic medicines except dilutions and back potencies have a maximum of 5 years’ shelf-life, including those supplied to consumers. In the United States, homoeopathic medicines are exempted from expiry dates.

What are the benefits of homeopathic medicine?

Benefits of Homoeopathic Treatment:

  • Reduce Anxiety & Depression.
  • Treat Allergies & Asthma.
  • Treats Chronic Diseases.
  • Homeopathy for Weight Loss.
  • Improves Body Resistance & Immunity.
  • Use in Epidemic Diseases.
  • Surgery Avoidance & Cost Effective.

What are the principles of homeopathy?

  • The first principle: Let Likes Cure Likes. The guiding principle of Homoeopathyis stated as “let likes cure likes,” similia similibus curentur. …
  • The second principle: The Minimum Dose. …
  • The third principle: The Single Remedy. …
  • About homoeopathictreatment: Acute and Chronic. …
  • Federal recognition of Homoeopathic

What are homeopathic pills made of?

Homoeopathic pills are made from an inert substance (often sugars, typically lactose), upon which a drop of liquid homoeopathic preparation is placed and allowed to evaporate.

Is homeopathy legal in India?

Homoeopathy in India has been fully integrated into the public health system and its practice is legal. In 1978, a Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy was established. Uniform Education in Homoeopathy was enforced by the Indian government in 1983.

Where does homeopathic medicine come from?

Homoeopathy, also known as homoeopathic medicine, is a medical system that was developed in Germany more than 200 years ago. It’s based on two unconventional theories: “Like cures like”—the notion that a disease can be cured by a substance that produces similar symptoms in healthy people.

Which countries use homoeopathy?

Worldwide, over 200 million people use homoeopathy on a regular basis. Homoeopathy is included in the national health systems of a number of countries e.g. Brazil, Chile, India, Mexico, Pakistan, Switzerland.